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Feb Lunch&Learn Webinar

February 10, 2021
12:00 PM EST - 1:00 PM EST

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Danbury, CT

APICS Fairfield County and APICS Danbury

present a Lunch&Learn webinar:

InvPhobia – The Fear of Inventory Reduction

Howard Forman P.I.M. Associates

Wed Feb 10 Noon - 1:00pm (no fee)

InvPhobia can strike any organization and paralyze inventory planners without warning.  Left untreated it can cause over ordering, high inventory levels, and capacity problems.  Planners suffering from InvPhobia can experience nervousness, intense fear, and excessive sweating, especially when attempting to justify inventory levels to management. 

  Luckily, InvPhobia can be treated through proper use of existing system tools, process improvements, and training.   Appropriate treatment can produce long-lasting, permanent relief from high inventory levels without impacting schedule attainment or customer service.

 This interactive session will explore how the organization can conduct its own self-diagnosis and heal itself.  We will discuss the following concepts:

  • How do we identify InvPhobia?
  • How can we overcome this phobia?
  • What action steps can be taken to reduce inventory?
  • Do we need ERP, JIT, or Kanban to achieve results?
  • Why do we need to track inventory to prevent a reoccurrence?






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