MAY 1st PDM - Chuck's Steakhouse Danbury


TOPIC: Blockchain Explained

Blockchain is a relatively new phenomenon in the computing industry concentrating on encryption methods in order to control and secure all types of transactions.  The initial and to date, the primary use of Block Chain is in crypto currencies allowing for controlled financial transactions though many companies are exploring its use.

This discussion will make an effort to describe what it is, how it works, current applications and the potential implications within Supply Chain Management.  Is it a possible new platform for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software?  Can it secure all transactions within an organizations, inventory, accounts payable and receivable, etc?

I hope this presentation will provide the attendee a rough cut knowledge of blockchain and entices them to further delve into its potential use at their companies.

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Current applications
  • Supply Chain Management implications
  • Conclusions
  • Questions and answers


Speaker: Jim Timmons MBA CPIM CSCP CLTD

While spending over 35 years in industry involved in Materials, Supply Chain and Operations Management in military, aerospace, textile, printing  and medical device manufacturing, in the positions of Inventory Control, Materials, Manufacturing Managers, VP of Operations, Supply Chain Manager and Supply Chain Director, Jim is now spending his time in providing  professional education in Production and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management and Lean Operations as an APICS CPIM certification preparation  instructor,  adjunct professor at the University of New Haven and consultant.


Networking  5:30

Presentation 6:00

Dinner 7:15

Choice of 7 items from menu for dinner. The cost for the meeting will be $15 including the speaker and dinner.

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